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News! I am pleased to announce that next month, I will be joining the staff of Sports On Earth full-time, as a lead writer for the site. I’ve been writing for the site part-time since it launched last fall, but now I’m going to be there every day. It’s going to be my home. My columns up to this point have been mostly media columns, but this is a more expansive role: I’m basically gonna be writing about everything, traveling all over the place, serving as the face (or one of the faces, anyway) of the site. I will also be hosting a daily podcast and will occasionally contribute for, and certain columns will also be running in USA Today. Basically: I’m gonna be all over the place there. Sadly, this does mean I will be leaving New York magazine. I will still be occasionally be contributing columns and features to the magazine, but no longer on a full-time basis. It is impossible to overstate how much I have learned and improved at New York; the editorial staff is legendary there, and getting to work with Adam Moss, Jon Gluck, Joe DeLessio, Ben Williams and countless others has been a legitimate highlight of my career. It remains my favorite magazine in the world, and I’m thrilled to get to still pop in from time to time. But this is about Sports On Earth, a site that is evolving into a daily must-read just six months into its existence. (No one with a staff like this can ever truly be called a “lead” anything.) There’s still work to be done, though, and I’m thrilled to have a chance to help make it happen. I’ll still be featured on the site for the next few weeks, but this thing is really gonna kick in on my first day, which is April 15. I can’t wait. Also: If Craggs lets me, I'm gonna keep doing movie reviews here.


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